Business Whatsapp - Frequently Asked Questions

The WhatsApp Businesses API enables businesses to chat with their customers in the same way they chat with their friends and family - with fast, simple, and secure messaging. Enterprises of all sizes can use their current customer engagement platforms to integrate with WhatsApp through the API and reply to their customers promptly with messages, notifications, shipping confirmations, appointment reminders or event tickets.
Businesses of all sizes looking to provide their customers with a direct channel of communication, prompt support, and an efficient customer experience are eligible to use the WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp will review each submission on a case-by-case basis.
You can use the WhatsApp Business API for a large number of non-promotional cases. These include but are not limited to: travel updates and ticket confirmation, in-message payment links and receipts, order placements, reservations, delivery updates, appointment reminders, and direct customer
Yes, it determines how many unique users your business can send messages to on a daily basis. This includes new conversations as well as existing conversations with users. The messaging limit does NOT limit the number of messages your business can send, just the number of users you are trying to message. It also does NOT apply to messages sent in response to a user-initiated message within a 24-hour period. Tier 1: Allows your business to send messages to 1K unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period. Tier 2: Allows your business to send messages to 10K unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period. Tier 3: Allows your business to send messages to 100K unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period. Note: A business starts in Tier 1 when it registers its phone number. A business’s phone number will be upgraded to the next tier if: Its quality rating is not low, and The cumulative amount of users it sends notifications to adds up to twice its current messaging limit within a 7-day period. Once the business reaches this threshold, it will be moved to the next tier. The minimum amount of time that this upgrade can occur is after 48 hours, when the business is sending messages up to their current limit every day. For detail analysis please refer below link
No. Currently, messaging limits only apply to business-initiated messages.
When using the message node, you need to set the Content Type header to application / json for the Whatsapp Business API client to properly parse the message body. There is also an Authorization header that needs to be set and must contain an unexpired access token.
Yes, send an API call to conatct node before sending a message. The information from checking contacts is cached in the container and not doing so might result in Unknow Contact error.
The maximum file upload size is 64 MB, which means this limit also applies to any image, document, or video you send with a message.
Contains potentially abusive content such as abusive language or spam-like Content, Contains promotional content etc..
Yes, Message Templates support all WhatsApp messaging characters and formatting including emojis, bolding, italics, etc. For emojis, you will need to use the emoji character (copy/paste) rather than its Unicode equivalent.
Marketing Conversations - ₹0.7265, Conversations that are used to promote products or services. Utility Conversations - ₹0.3082, Messages used for transactions and updating customers about ongoing transactions, post-purchase, and notifications. Authentication Conversations - ₹0.3082, Messages that are used to authenticate users with OTP. Service Conversation - ₹0.2906, all user-initiated conversations are categorized as service conversations. These four types of conversations encompass different communication strategies and objectives, each tailored to specific purposes within the context of marketing, utility, authentication, and service-related interactions.