DLT - Frequently Asked Questions

DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) registration is a mandatory process for businesses sending commercial SMS in India. It ensures regulatory compliance and helps curb spam by verifying sender identities.
You can register for DLT through approved telecom operators or DLT platforms authorized by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). The registration process typically involves providing business details and verifying identity documents.
Accepted Proof of Identity - For Individual ★ Aadhar or Unique Identity number ★ Election commission id ★ Passport ★ Driving License ★ Income Tax PAN Number Sole Proprietor & Private Ltd. ★ Shops & Establishment Registration Certificate, ROC ★ GST Reg Document (Please ensure org. name matched the document) ★ FSSAI License ★ Certificate of Incorporation
The timeline for DLT registration and template approval varies depending on the telecom operator or DLT platform. It's advisable to initiate the registration process well in advance to avoid any delays in launching your SMS campaigns.
Yes, most DLT platforms accept scanned or digital copies of the required documents. However, ensure that the copies are clear, legible, and in the accepted file formats (such as PDF or JPEG).
No, you typically need to submit documents only once during the initial DLT registration process. However, you may need to provide additional documents or information if there are changes to your business details, sender IDs, or templates.
The verification process for DLT registration documents may take up to 24 to 48 hours.
If there are discrepancies or issues with the submitted documents, you may be required to provide clarification or submit additional documents.
Yes, you can typically update or modify the documents submitted for DLT registration if there are any changes to your business details.
Yes, some DLT platforms charge a registration fee of Rs. 5900 for businesses to register and verify their documents.
A header is a unique identifier that represents your business in SMS communication. It's crucial for brand recognition and regulatory compliance. Headers need to be registered and approved on DLT platforms before sending SMS.
Yes, businesses can choose their own headers, which are typically alphanumeric and limited to a certain number of characters. However, headers must comply with TRAI regulations and be approved during the DLT registration process.
Content templates are pre-approved message formats that businesses use for sending SMS campaigns. They ensure consistency, compliance, and transparency in SMS communication. Templates need to be registered and approved on DLT platforms before use.
Content templates should include the message content along with placeholders for dynamic information like customer names or order details. Templates need to comply with TRAI guidelines and avoid prohibited content.
If your header or content template gets rejected, you'll receive feedback explaining the reason for rejection. You can then make the necessary revisions and resubmit for approval.
Yes, content templates must comply with regulatory guidelines and should not contain prohibited content such as spam, misleading information, or content promoting illegal activities. Ensure that your content adheres to the guidelines provided by the DLT platform.
For more information about content template creation and approval, refer to the documentation, guidelines, or support resources provided by the DLT platform. You can also reach out to their customer support team for assistance and clarification.
Yes, businesses need to ensure ongoing compliance with TRAI regulations and update their DLT registration details and templates as necessary. Regular audits and updates are essential to maintain compliance and avoid penalties.
Service Implicit route is for sending SMS related to product and service updates. Informative SMS other than OTP fall into the category of Service Implicit. Examples are payment confirmation messages, purchase status, order delivery details, reminders and other crucial alerts can be sent via Service Implicit route. Promotional SMS cannot be sent via this route.
Service Explicit route can be used for sending marketing related SMS to the customers after receiving their consent. Promotional SMS sent to DND numbers after receiving customer’s permission will come under Service Explicit route.
A registered Header has a lifetime validity. However, if it is inactive for more than 90 days, registration will be cancelled and it will be made available for other entities.
Header names that are not related to your business or brand cannot be created. The Names of celebrities, politicians, trademarks, registered companies, and government organizations cannot be used as Header names.
In such cases, you need to provide valid documents that prove correlation between company name and header. If the operator is not satisfied with the documents submitted and finds discrepancy in them, then your Header might not get approved.
You can use variable features in Content Template to denote the values that keep on changing for different customers. You can add variables for values that are different for every customer and keep the remaining message text the same for all customers.
Variables can be used by the symbol {#var#}. Values such as amount, date, account number, OTP, customer names, transaction ID, etc. have to be replaced with variables.
Email: ap@trai.gov.in | daca@trai.gov.in Contact Number: 91-11-2323 6308 Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/TRAI
Ways to Reach Idea-Vodafone DLT (VILPower) Email: support@vilpower.in Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/vodaidea_news Ways to Reach PingConnect (Videocon) Email: dlt.helpdesk@infotelconnect | customercare@infotelconnect.com Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ConnectBB Ways to Reach Jio DLT? Email: jio.ISOMCCSupport@ril.com Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/jiocare
We assume VIL power is better compared to their peers, who are swift to address your queries and easy registration process.
If they do not listen to you and you wish to make a complaint against them, here is the public grievance link https://pgportal.gov.in/Home/LodgeGrievance
Yes, users can promote business using whatsapp marketing, Open template messages which don't need DLT approvals. Messages can be sent instantaneously.
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