Promo SMS (Open-Templates) - FAQ

Open template promotional SMS refers to a type of bulk SMS message where the content is not predefined or pre-approved. Instead, businesses have the flexibility to create and send promotional messages without the need for prior template approval.
DLT promotional messages are subject to stricter regulatory oversight and require pre-approval of content templates, open template messages offer businesses more flexibility and autonomy in crafting and sending promotional content, albeit with the need to ensure compliance with local regulations and industry best practices.
Open template promotional SMS can be used when businesses want to send promotional messages without the constraints of pre-defined templates. It allows for more flexibility and creativity in crafting messages tailored to specific marketing campaigns or promotions.
In many cases, open template promotional SMS do not require pre-approval from the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) platform or telecom operator. However, businesses are still responsible for ensuring that their messages comply with regulatory guidelines and industry best practices.
● Flexibility: Businesses have the freedom to create customized messages for different marketing campaigns or promotions. ● Timeliness: Open template SMS can be quickly created and sent without the need for pre-approval, allowing for rapid deployment of promotional messages. ● Creativity: Without the constraints of pre-defined templates, businesses can be more creative in crafting engaging and compelling messages to capture the attention of recipients.
While open template promotional SMS offer flexibility, businesses must ensure that their messages comply with regulatory requirements, including restrictions on prohibited content and adherence to DLT registration guidelines.
Yes, businesses can incorporate personalization elements such as recipient names or relevant purchase history into open template promotional SMS to enhance engagement and relevance.
The cost of sending open template promotional SMS is very straight and there is no need to pay for DLT registration or any other cost. Only, messages purchased shall be charged which is very cheap when compared to regular promotional messages.