How to send SMS from my Bulksmslogin.com dashboard?

You can follow the below-described steps to send SMS from Bulksmslogin.com dashboard:

1.  Login to Bulksmslogin.com user panel.
2. Now click on the Send SMS option.
3. Select the type of SMS: Transactional or Promotional.
4. Select the “Sender ID”, “Message” and “Campaign Name”.
5. Enter the mobile numbers you want to send the message to or you can also select the group or the excel file and convert it to .csv format or directly a .csv file
6. Enter approved DLT Template ID (Mandatory for Indian Numbers only)
7. Click on "Send SMS Now" to send this message. Also, you have the option to schedule the SMS.
You will get a success message. You can import contacts into the phonebook to your last sent numbers or also send another campaign.


Why showing DND Error while sending Transactional or OTP messages?

Sometimes, even when sending purely Transactional or OTP messages, your message can fail with a DND error. It is important to note that messages approved under the Service Explicit or promotional category on the respective DLT platform will not be delivered to DND-enabled numbers. We request that you approve the content (Transactional or OTP) under the Service Implicit / Inferred category on the DLT platform to resolve this issue.

As per TRAIs guidelines, a person can enable DND (do not disturb) on his mobile number.

Type of DND options:

Full DND: A person who SELECTS the 1st option, i.e. all 8 categories are Blocked except Service Implicit (Template) SMS. Here, any Service Explicit or Promotional SMS will not be delivered to this mobile number.

Note:  In order to allow your SMS to be delivered to that customer (recipient), then you need to ask him to change his DND Preference. For this, he has to download the DND 2.0 app from Play store or App Store and change the DND preference to receive your Explicit (Template) SMS.00


How to add or delete an SMS template?

You can save frequently sent messages in your dashboard by using the "Add template" option.

The "Add template" option appears on the right-hand side of the screen (when you click on the message box).

Type your message and click the "Add template" button in order to add the template to your list of frequently used messages.

Confirm your message and click on "Save draft" to add this template to your account.

The template has been added. Now to use a saved template, just click inside the message box, add select the required template from the list visible on the right-hand side of the screen.

To remove the template from your list, all you need to do is to click on the message box to check your saved templates. Now, click on the "delete" icon to delete the selected template.


How can I send personalized/custom SMS?

Custom SMS is a feature through which you can send messages to many people at one time by changing some fields such as the name of the receiver, mobile number, or other details. The content other than these fields will remain the same for all recipients.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to send a custom SMS:

1. Create an Excel Sheet with the first row reserved for the heading of the respective column, and save the file in CSV format. (You can read about the CSV file on What is a CSV file?)

2. Select "Send SMS" on the panel, and click on the mobile number field to import the sheet created by using the Upload File option which appears on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Enter the Sender ID through which you wish to send the SMS

4. Select the column in which the mobile numbers are present.

5. Type in the content of the SMS you wish to send. Select the variable field where you want the variable field to be inserted.

6. Set the name of the campaign, and Click on Preview and Send.

Once you are sure by checking the preview you can send the SMS by pressing the Start SMS process button.


Where to find my Template ID for Bulk SMS API?

Click the "Template" section in the sidebar. On this page, you can add Template for your account by clicking on create a template. Copy the template ID from here and use the same as a Flow_ID, if any changes are needed, you can simply use the edit option on the right side of the screen to make the required changes.


What is Unicode and which characters come under Unicode?

Unicode is an encoding standard in which you can send SMS in different non-English scripts and target a wider audience. It uses UTF 8 encoding of international standards and provides a unique number to each character. A

Unicode is a 4 Byte character that covers all the non-English languages in the world.

It is compatible with all the browsers, devices, search engines, operating systems, and other parts of the internet ensuring a seamless multi-platform system to convey text messages in different international languages.

A typical SMS credit consists of 70 Unicode characters unlike that of GSM-7 (English text characters) whose 160 characters make an SMS credit.


How to send Unicode custom SMS by CSV?

To prepare your CSV file, open your excel file and put the desired data like mobile number, name, and message as per your requirement.

In your Excel workbook, switch to the File tab, and then click on Save As and save as type format in Unicode Text and save the file with .csv extension by removing .txt.

Open your file with notepad and comma sperate the fields then save it as a type "All files" and choose encoding "UTF-8" then click on Save and then the extension will be .csv.

Your CSV is ready to send the Unicode SMS, just upload it to the panel.


How to Add, Update, or Delete a sender ID (header) on Bulk SMS Panel?

1.  Select the "Sender ID" option available from the sidebar and click on the Create Sender ID button from the top.
2. Select the Country you want to send the message to in the "Destination Country" dropdown. Click on the "Add More"
3. option to add more countries, or you can also tick the box if wanted to send a message to more than 10 countries.
In the case of India, then you have to add "DLT Entity/PE Id". According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), every SMS content/header needs to be approved by DLT.
4. Once you are done, click on the "Create" button. The sender id will be shown below. You can see the details like PE ID, Countries for which it is added from the dropdown.
5. Click on the "edit" icon visible in the Action in order to add or change the DLT Entity ID for a particular header. Once done, click on the "Update" button.
6. Click on the "edit" icon visible in the Action. In order to delete any header, click on the "Remove" button.


How to resend SMS via panel?

Follow the steps given below to resend any SMS:

1.  Go to the SMS from the Panel, and select the Logs option from the sidebar.
Click on the message content and here in the pop-up window, you will get the Resend option.

2. By clicking on "Resend" you will get the dialogue box that says "Are you sure you want to send All SMS?".

3. After clicking on the "OK" button your message(s) will be resent.

Note: You will be charged for Resend SMS and it will generate a new request ID of the sent SMS.