Whatsapp SMS - Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk Whatsapp Application is a digital marketing dashboard designed for rich communication services by helping in accelerating sales and growth of the business. Our service helps in lead capture, lead tracking and sales conversions.
Bulk WhatsApp service allows users to share PDF, Excel, JPEG, DOC and other files as attachments along with text in a single message. The message will be delivered via Virtual Mobile Number. ★ Send text messages up to 2,000 characters. ★ Send High Quality Images in .JPG & .PNG with Max size Up to 5 MB ★ Send Rich videos in mp4 video format with max size up to 10 MB. ★ Send Messages in local languages to connect easily.
Sending message from whatsapp is very simple, once user login to their account, in the menu section user can see Bulk Whatsapp feature, by clicking, it will open the message sender, just follow the written instructions on the webpage to send the message.
The Message delivery depends on the number of contacts and server response during on a particular date and time; usually, the campaign duration may vary between 15 mins to 2 hours.
The message gets delivered through a virtual number (will not connect a call or message). Clients can see your contact information mentioned in the campaign message to reach.
Our inbuilt software algorithm filters the non whatsapp numbers, the deducted credits for non whatsapp numbers shall be re-credited within 12 working hours.
Users can send messages between 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday, hence, users should plan the campaigns accordingly to get the maximum output from campaigns.
Users can send unlimited messages, as per the credits available in the account.
In the Bulk Whatsapp Sender dashboard, the user can view the campaign reports. For detailed report the user shall call the support team.
Users can do multiple campaigns around 5 – 10 each day.